Spectrum Modeling Gateway won't import EventModels


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CA Spectrum


We have successfully used the Modeling Gateway to export EventModels and they show up in the export xml file.  When we import them onto a new landscape we can see that none of the EventModels are shown.

When we enable debug we can see that the EventModels should be imported, but they still do not appear.


Example from ModelingGateway Import debug:


parseChildAttr() starting

EventModel attr Enable_Spectrum_Management = 1

EventModel attr Manager_Name = 0

EventModel attr model_handle = 0x1700c75

EventModel attr model_name = 810

EventModel attr model_type = EventModel

EventModel attr unique_id =

EventModel attr x_coordinate = 62

EventModel attr y_coordinate = 434



The attribute unique_id is blank in the import file


Release : 20.2, 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Applications / Modeling Gateway


The attribute unique_id is a required field and must be populated, even if its not being used.  Once this has been populated and a new import is run you will see the EventModels being populated.

Additional Information

unique_id attribute