UIM oi_connector - cannot send qos & alarms


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


oi_connector is not posting qos and alarms to DX OI SaaS platform. 

The probe logs at level 5 show:

Aug 04 15:12:12:268 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] closeableHttpsClient - Https is trusted connection
Aug 04 15:12:12:601 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total time to execute http request : 619
Aug 04 15:12:12:602 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total time to post metric metadata to nass  : 620
Aug 04 15:12:12:602 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Response is null for posting Metrics Metadata to NASS, please verify nass url and token.
Aug 04 15:12:12:602 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Inside method getNASSMetricIdFromCache .
Aug 04 15:12:12:602 [ALARM_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Either cache is null or doesn't contain the record with nass_metric_id : null



In the oi_connector.cfg both the nassTassToken and nassTenantId were populated.

Since , both fields are currently populated, the login to Nass is failing.


Release : 20.1
Component : UIM - OI_CONNECTOR and DX OI SaaS


In the oi_connector.cfg there should be no entry at all for nassTassToken.

Clear both nassTassToken and nassTenantId in the cfg then from the Admin Console UI save the nassToken again, it will save it to the correct field in the cfg file. 

The oi_connector.cfg should now have a nassTenantId and nassUrl but there should be no entry at all for nassTassToken.