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A Blazemeter test often results in samplers that went in an error. These errors need to be examined to find out what caused them. After the test has completed, the, downloadable from the logs tab, holds the error.jtl. However it is not easy to read. To greatly improve readability, it is recommended to load the error.jtl in JMeter's View Results Tree Listener.

However sometimes the errors need to be investigated by people/departments that do not have JMeter installed. How to provide these people the errors in csv format so they will be able to investigate the failed samplers nevertheless?


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In most cases, it is recommended not to include listeners in the JMeter script that is ran by the Blazemeter test as it consumes resources and Blazemeter itself does not use them.

In this particular case however, the solution is to include a View Results Tree listener and specify a csv file that logs the errors:

As a result, the specified file (error.csv) is included in the and can be opened by Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

The Configure button allows you to specify what content needs to be written into the csv file: