DE56874 Parameterized dynamic lookup values are blank in Audit Trail


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Clarity PPM On Premise



 1. Create new lookup

- Name: Related Task
- ID: related_task
- Source: Dynamic

  1. Use the following SQL: select prid, prname from prtask where prprojectid = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected] and @[email protected]
  2. Go to an object (can be ootb or custom) i.e. Project object
  3. Create new attribute

- ID: related_proj
- Name: Related Project
- Type: Lookup
- Lookup: Investment browse (INV_BROWSE_INVESTMENT)

  1. Create new attribute

- ID: related_task
- Name: Related Task
- Type: Lookup
- Lookup: related_task

  1. Click Save.
  2. Set proj_id lookup parameter mapping to related_proj
  3. Click Save again
  4. Place both attributes on a edit view
  5. Now go to Object - Audit
  6. Add Related Task for auditing on insert, update and delete
  7. Now open any Project and modify the value for Related Project and then pick a Related Task
  8. Go to Audit Trail to see the logged values


Expected Resullts: The change of values should be audited correctly.

Actual Results: New entries are created for this attribute with modified dates but values are Blank

Workaround: none


Release : 15.x

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


DE56874, in review by Engineering