DE56850 Static dependent lookup value can be saved with a white space, which leads to it not being displayed in UI object properties


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Clarity PPM On Premise




  1. Go to Administration - Lookups
  2. Create a new Static Dependent Lookup
  3. Go to values
  4. Create values a,b,c,d normally
  5. Now create the value e with a white space before e ' e'
  6. Save, Note it saves successfully and displays without space
  7. Now create an attribute on Project object with this lookup and add it to the views
  8. Open a project and pick value a, save
  9. Note it saves correctly
  10. Now pick value 'e' and Save


Expected Results: Value to save correctly as the white space should NOT be saved in the database

Actual Results: Value is saved as ' e' on database level and displays as blank in UI

Workaround: Update the value to remove the blank space via database update or XOG update and flush the caches


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


DE56850, in review by Engineering