ACF2 Install issues on APPLY CHECK


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I just did a receive on the hold data and sysmods and that seemed to go fine, but now that I’m trying to do the initial base install apply check I’m not having much luck.. it seems like there is a bunch of missing PTFs, but when searching for them on the Broadcom website, they are not found.  



Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


The GIM30206E and GIM35949I errors appear related to a missing sysmod RO97939:

Note that RO97939 is not a BINary file, it is a text file just containing ++SRC and ++ASSIGN statements. It should be uploaded to z/OS as an ASCII file to a dataset LRECL=80. Resolve by receiving and including missing PTF RO97939.
The manual for the install can be found here:

Recommend to do install, and then apply all maintenance. Then you can add the HOLDDATA. When the HOLDDATA is done first, it is possible to run into problems and cannot continue until a correcting fix is published. You can find that file here:

As a heads up, it is recommended to not receive HOLDDATA until after the base install is complete.