Job rename is not working in R12 instance in cross instance scheduling


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When renaming a job, then the corresponding cross instance job definition condition field where jobname is referenced, isn't modified.

In the Autosys instance where the rename of the job is done, you will see following messages in the event_demon.log:

[07/15/2020 03:46:26]     CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: EXTERNAL_DEPENDENCY  JOB: Test_Job1        **Renamed**
[07/15/2020 03:46:26]     CAUAJM_I_10066 Event <W120000b8w00> successfully sent to external instance <L12>

However on the other Autosys instance, following error messages are shown in event_demon log

[07/15/2020 03:46:27]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: EXTERNAL_DEPENDENCY  JOB: Test_Job1        **Renamed**
[07/15/2020 03:46:27]      <Requested by Job: Test_Job1^W12. Job Test_Job1 renamed to Test_Job2.>
[07/15/2020 03:46:27]      CAUAJM_E_40225 Trouble processing Event [W120000b8w00]!
[07/15/2020 03:46:28]      CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: ALARM            ALARM: EVENT_HDLR_ERROR JOB: Test_Job1^W12
[07/15/2020 03:46:28]      <An error occurred while processing event <W120000b8w00> for job [Test_Job1 27.0.0].>
[07/15/2020 03:46:28]      CAUAJM_E_40111 Unable to fetch job details using internal job identifier <27>. Event processing for L1200008rd00 aborted.


When a job is renamed in one instance, if there is a dependency on that job on a cross instance scheduler, then an EXTERNAL_DEPENDENCY event is sent to that instance.

The cross-instance scheduler processes this rename event and loads some static data from the DB during this. Due to some issue, static data that is supposed to be existing in the table ujo_real_resource is missing. In r12, this table is not relevant and isn't used.


Release : 12

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Following workaround can be used:

1. Add a row to this table on both instances using query:

insert into ujo_real_resource values('VALUE', '', '', 'SYSTEM_OS_TYPE', 0, 1, 1)

2. Remove all the old dependent jobs and jobs with cross-instance dependencies from both the instances.

3. Remove all data from these tables on both instances.



4. Perform the 'rename_job' test.

Jobs should be renamed and the name in the condition in the cross-instance should also be renamed.

Additional Information

Problem will be addressed in Autosys r12.1