UIM - SNMP Collector monitored device not reachable alerts


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Observing occasional device not reachable issue for random devices. When snmpcollector probe is restarted, then data starts to come back.

Tried forced rediscovery, it does not seem to help. What might be issue?

Can see successful polling in polling statistics page till sometime then it is not able to poll data.


Release : 8.51 / 9.x /20.x

Component : UIM - SNMPCOLLECTOR 4.04 T2 / 4.0X


Sometimes devices are slow to respond to snmp requests from probe and might be timing out since default snmp timeout is 10000ms (10s) in snmpcollector

Can try with increasing timeout of the devices which you observe having issue 

For example

Can increase the snmptimeout to 60000 and save the profile from snmpcollector probe gui for affected profile 

This will help to eliminate the false alerting in case the devices are still reachable but slow in response intermittently