ITAM/APM: Connection to SDM refused during installation and integration step


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When installing IT Asset Manger, the install is failing.  Reading the stdout.txt and install log files shows the following

08/04 09:48:45.271 DEBUG       79 In validateEndpoint for SDM.

08/04 09:48:45.272 DEBUG       88 Check response from web url. sdmHostname (SDM-SERVER1) sdmPort (8082) url (http://SDM-SERVER1:8082)

08/04 09:48:45.272 DEBUG       1437 Checking response from URL (http://SDM-SERVER1:8082)

08/04 09:48:46.300 DEBUG       1456 Got no Response. Message : Connection to http://SDM-SERVER1:8082 refused

How do I change the port number for Service Desk Server which the ITAM install is trying to access?


Incorrect port number specification in table al_cdb_configurationparameters.


Release : 17.1

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


The ITAM install will try to build the SDM Web URL using these two values in table al_cdb_configurationparameters in the backend MDB database


You can view these by running the SQL Command:

SELECT * FROM al_cdb_configurationparameters where configkey IN ('sdm.main.server.hostname', 'sdm.port.number')

To correct the issue, you will need to change value for the the sdm.port.number, which according to the ITAM installer, was assigned a value of 8082, which is the IIS SSL port.  

update al_cdb_configurationparameters set configvalue = '8080' where configkey = 'sdm.port.number' and configvalue = '8082'

As all SDM Servers have a Tomcat port, I would recommend changing this to port 8080, though you may option to use port 80 for IIS if you prefer.  

We also advise that to ensure that ITAM is able to connect to SDM, to use a direct server name for SDM Server that the ITAM Server is able to ping, and can connect over http.