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Limit user's access to only be able to run certain jobs in Clarity


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Is there a way to restrict a user's access to only run certain jobs in Clarity? You want to allow users to run some jobs but prevent running other jobs.


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  1. Remove the GLOBAL right: Jobs - Run - All if the user has it
  2. Make sure they still have Jobs - Access at the Global level
  3. Grant the Job - Run right at INSTANCE level
    1. Go to Administration->Resources
    2. Click on the Resource
    3. From the Resource's Access Rights tab click 'Instance' Click ‘Add’
    4. From the Object drop-down select ‘Job/Report’ and click Next
    5. Check the check box next to Job – Run and click Add and Continue
    6. Check the check box next to the jobs you want the user to have access to and click Add (or Add and Select More if applicable)
  4. Have the user log out and log back in for rights to refresh

Additional Information

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