CAMRTPGM going in loop in IMS MPRs and shows high CPU %


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CA InterTest - Batch


We have observed CAMRTPGM program going in loop in few IMS MPRs. I will attach the screen print of Mainview cpu trace of one of the MPR.

We are concerned of the high CPU % we are seeing for CAMRTPGM.


Release : 10.0

Component : CA InterTest Batch


From what I understand, you had an application that was looping.  But when you went to your monitoring tool, Mainview in your case, it looks like the vast majority of the CPU time is attributed to CAMRTPGM.  This is normal processing when you are running the application under our debugger.  All application time spent will be attributed to CAMRTPGM (or a handful of other CAMRT* modules).  Under normal circumstances, you would not see any CPU attributed to your application program.  

You can confirm this but debugging our demo or one of your applications that does not loop and while you are at a breakpoint, go back into your monitoring tool and you will not see any CPU time attributed to that application.