iostat QOS metrics are not coming in


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have enabled cdm iostat metrics using cdm MCS profile but QOS metrics are not coming in. Is iostat supported on Windows?


- Windows OS


Release : 9.1.0



cdm iostat monitoring is not supported on Windows, only UNIX/Linux.

(Linux, AIX and Solaris platforms only) Monitor iostat:  enables the iostat monitoring of the host system devices.

cdm iostat only valid for Linux/UNIX robots. MCS has no idea of the type of system that the profiles are pushed to, so you can enable the metric, but it will do nothing if it is not supported.

The iostat probe functionality was combined into the cdm probe beginning with cdm v4.80, and higher.

As you can see from the IOSTAT help doc page, iostat is not supported for Windows.

"The iostat probe is used to monitor the load on server input/output (I/O) devices by observing the time for which the devices are active compared to the average transfer rate of the device. The iostat probe collects disk QoS data from the iostat command on Solaris, Linux, and AIX.The QoS values are obtained from the second sample values fetched from the devices in use."

Additional Information

If you need to collect disk IO metrics on Windows systems it IS possible to use ntperf for disk IO metrics and you could create an ntperf probe package to implement the monitoring and alarming for multiple hosts.

Additionally, ensure that the data_engine QOS has an override set for retaining any disk IO metrics, e.g., set that to 1 day or only a few days so you don't end up with very large RN tables due to aggressive collection with short intervals Also consider the monitoring interval in your decision. I would use 5 minutes or more but if you set it more aggressively, say 1 or 3 minutes, then keep the retention number low so you don't end up with large RN tables as a result. Try it out on 1 system first and note the results and collection, and growth of the table. Then adjust your configuration based on the results/table growth.

CDM itself includes all the IOStat monitoring functionality and no additional probe is needed such as like “iostat” to be deployed for monitoring. 

CDM IOStat monitoring is only supported for Linux, Solaris and AIX platforms only. This is also mentioned inthe cdm probe hep documentation as well.