Launching webtomcat on port 8443 error: "Please configure Spectrum Webtomcat also in SSL mode"


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 I am unable to connect to the OneClick WebApp, I receive the following:

Spectrum Tomcat is running in SSL Mode, Please configure Spectrum Webtomcat also in SSL mode


WebTomcat has its own server.xml (%SPECTROOTwebtomcat\conf\server.xml) which must also be configured for SSL. 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


SSL Support for OneClick WebApp

The SSL feature is enabled with OneClick and available with previous versions of DX NetOps Spectrum. Installation takes care of the client certificates and setting the SSL to true in the configuration. Selecting the Beta link the OneClick administration page loads the DX NetOps Spectrum console without errors. If OneClick is SSL enabled before upgrading, the OneClick WebApp URL appears in https.
Enable SSL support
This section discusses the steps to enable SSL support or change the OneClick WebApp URL.
Follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the tomcat >conf>server.xml file and copy the connector https ports-related information and paste it in the webtomcat>conf folder>server.xml file under the https connector section.
  • Change the SSL connector port entry that you pasted in the webtomcat/conf/server.xml file, so that it does not conflict with the standard OneClick Tomcat SSL port.
  • Restart the web tomcat service.

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