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Customizing Identity Portal User Search Screen field labels


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We are having an issue customizing the attribute labels that show on the user search screen.  

We want to be able to modify the attributes that are showing on a Portal user search field. 

We are trying to use the user selector to select for the requestor on Portal. How can we customize the fields shown on the right panel of the user selector window to display the name of the field?


Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


Adding labels to the three fields on the screen:

The field names are User_dialog_info1/2/3, which can be modified via

Setting > GUI Configuration > General Info.

Under User_selector_display_name you'll find the three user_dialog_info fields. Prepend the field you want to use with the name of the title and a colon. For example if the field is for email, change it to Email: {email}

It will display as

Email: [email protected]

The example in the screenshots below is with Title: {Title} which now displays like Title: Manager.

Identity Portal is hardcoded to have only three fields available on the screen. If more fields are required you'll need to submit an Idea ion the Communities site.


The data fields are described here:

– When using a user selector prop, after the user is selected, the display name that is displayed on the form.

– These attributes control the display of the user in multiple places:
In Access -> Search a user -> hover on a user from the search result, when clicking on the more info link a user tooltip will be displayed, these parameters control that.
In User selector prop -> when selecting a user from the results, the user details will be displayed on the right.
On My requests and approval timeline when hovering on a user -> a tooltip with the user details will be displayed.

This setup.....
Results in this display: