Dollar Universe: How to import and deploy Autopatch to upgrade the Nodes via UVC
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Dollar Universe: How to import and deploy Autopatch to upgrade the Nodes via UVC


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We would like to upgrade the Dollar Universe Nodes using the Autopatch feature but we don't know how this is done.

We would also like to know how to do a Rollback in case it would be necessary to downgrade to the previous version.


Release : 6.x



Documentation does not explain the full Autopatch process with Screenshots / Videos.


Attached to this Article you can download a Video that explains the whole Autopatch Process using UVC:

1. Download the update kit that you need and unzip it ( that will result in a file with extension unipkg)

2. Option a: Use UVC - this will take quite some time:

Go to UVMS - click right on UVMS - Administration Packages - Dollar Universe Autopatch packages and  Click on Import and select the previously downloaded unipkg file

Option b (recommended as much faster):

Transfer to the system hosting the UVMS the .unipkg file downloaded before, ie to /tmp and then launch the command uniimp PKG to import the package:

uniimp PKG -pkgfile /tmp/DUAS-UPDATE-LINUX64-6.10.81.unipkg -pkgtype AUTOPATCH -login <admin username> -pwd XXX

3. Once the Package has been succesfully imported through one of the methods above, Click in UVC in the desired Autopatch Package and click on Deployment

4. Select the Node/s that you want to upgrade from the Target List (only the ones with the same kit will be displayed like LINUX64 or WINDOWS64, the  LINUX/WINDOWS will not be displayed for example).

5. Click on Deploy and you will be able to see the progress of the Autopatch via UVC, once it's done you will see "Up-to-Date" in the Deployed Version.


Additional Information

The documentation for autopatch deployment is available here:

A backup is automatically done while doing an autopatch and saved in the subfolder backup of the Dollar Universe nodes, in case you want to rollback you need to:

1. Stop the node: unistop

2. Launch the script unirestore and reply with the folder containing that backup as explained in the documentation:

3. Update the node's definition:

unims -update -login <admin username> -pwd <password>

4. Start the node



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