Dollar Universe: Unable to create Submission Accounts


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Following a UVMS upgrade to a version superior to 6.8, it is impossible to create submission accounts on the Dollar Universe Nodes even using the UVMS administrator account. 

When doing so via UVC, the message obtained below :

The access is denied, usually due to security constraints or license restrictions.User: useradmin .

It is also impossible to do it via the command line (uxadd user).


Missing Permission in the Dollar Universe Roles.


Release : 6.8 and superior



In order to troubleshoot this kind of issue, the Main Log Level should be increased to  0,SECURITY and then the Action generation the permissions error should be launched.

The universe.log will contain a line stating which Object and Permission is Denied along with the Group and Role that was used to check the user permissions.

After doing that, reset the Main Log Level to 0.


After doing so, it was found that the missing permission in the Dollar Universe Roles was the following one as it was added in UVMS 6.8.x and did not exist before:

User System SYSUSER=* Use Authorized All areas

Please add that permission to ALL your DUAS Roles in UVMS and then do a full sync of the nodes, that will fix the issue.