Forcing a failed job did not trigger waiting Autosys job.


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


When force completing a job in CA7, the Autosys Connect job that was waiting for its success condition (JOBNAME_ONE_to_JOBNAME_TWO) did not trigger.

Does force completing a failed mainframe job create the correct SMF record to kick off any dependent Autosys jobs? Does Autosys only take into account a successfull run with a return code of 0 to kick off a dependency?



Autosys Connect is not keeping track correctly of L2JOBCMP event in ENF.



CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) (WORKLOAD AUTOMATION AE)


1. First step is to verify the L2JOBCMP event in ENF by issuing the command : F ENF,EVENT .  If it does not display a number of registered passed events that means that it is not tracked.

2. In the startup parms of Autosys Connect *PURGE_FAILED_JOBDEP(Y) was changed to PURGE_FAILED_JOBDEP(N,CA7). After this change, the event L2JOBCMP is correctly tracked by Autosys Connect.


Additional Information

Test plan :

- Setup a job in Autosys to demand in a job defined to CA 7 (this will be a Autosys Connect job)

- The CA 7 job must be defined in Autosys as a dependency of another autosys job. This will cause Autosys Connect to have this job in the DEPLIST (dependency list)

- The job in CA 7 will be setup to abend with a S806 (execute PGM=IEFBR15)

- When the job runs, Autosys Connect will get a  JOBINIT and a JOBFAIL event for the abended job and send to Autosys.

- Then you will FORCE COMPLETE complete the job in CA 7 and you should see Connect detect the force comp event and convert it to a JOBTERM event and send to Autosys