Is a kill script needed for seosd for system shutdown


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Is there a need for an explicit kill script for system shutdown to gracefully unload the seos daemons and close the seos databases?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA ControlMinder


There is no need for a kill script for seosd - in case of absence of the kill script seosd intercepts the halt() syscall upon shutdown / reboot and gracefully unloads all daemons before halting the system.

To anyway setup init / kill scripts for system startup / shutdown:

If your Linux is running on systemd please follow the steps as explained in

If your Linux is using System V init scripts please follow the steps as explained in

In both cases there is no explicit Kill script - instead the ExecStop / stop) procedure is called upon reaching the relevant runlevel by the init system.

The references to the Start / Kill scripts are placed automatically by using the systemctl enable / chkconfig --level commands.