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Project allocations are missing/incorrect after running the Update Allocation from Estimates job


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The vast majority of project allocations have been zeroed out. There are a few that show some allocation values on projects, but the allocation matches the ETC. The issue doesn't happen for Non-Project Investment Objects (NPIOs) like Other Work. This was reported after an upgrade but can happen at any time


This is due to running the Update Allocation From Estimates job. This job will copy over all ETC values over to Allocation


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Option 1: Use XOG to correct the data

  1. Take the most recent backup available prior to the time the job ran
  2. Restore that backup into non production
  3. Xog out the allocation data from non-prod into production

This is not something Support can help with, but here are a few links that can help:

Option 2: Restore the environment with the most recent available backup

Restore from a backup from prior to the issue happening

Note: Using this option will cause any data that changed since the backup to be overwritten

  1. Take the most recent backup available prior to the time the job ran
  2. Restore that backup into the environment

Preventive options:

Option 1: Inactivate this job if not using

To keep this issue from happening inactivate the Update Allocation from Estimates if not being used

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Data Administration->Reports and Jobs
  2. Filter for the 'Update Allocation From Estimates' job
  3. Check the check box next to the job
  4. Click Deactivate


  • This job can be reactivated from the same page if needed later on.
  • It's recommended to also deactivate the Update Estimates from Allocation job if that is not being used

Option 2: Limit access to users to only be able to run certain jobs

Additional Information

See KB: Known Clarity issues: Tips in using Self Service