Scheduled Event Report from CABI is empty


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I have scheduled CABI to send reports to users on a daily basis.

They are getting the reports but they are empty, there is no data in the reports.

The report is based on Performance Management Threshold Events synchronized to Spectrum as Alarms.

The report filters for a specific Performance Management Threshold Event Title.


Incorrectly configured Ad-Hoc View used to base scheduled report off.

It was configured to see an Event Title where it needed to review Alarm Titles.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Applications


Performance Management Events are synchronized to Spectrum as Alarms.

While Spectrum differentiates between Events and Alarms, all Performance Management Threshold Events raise Spectrum Alarms, not Spectrum Events.

When setting up CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Jaspersoft reports for Performance Management Events seen in Spectrum, ensure filter and comparison values are derived from the Alarm data and not Event data.