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Usage of admin db upgrade commands is deprecated and unsupported


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Clarity upgrade failed after application was upgrade successfully, and database is not upgraded in CSA.

admin preupgrade

admin db upgrade

admin upgrade force

commands fail


Release : Clarity 13+ (All current Clarity releases)


  • The way Clarity works is the install commands will run two parts:
    • Step 1. Application upgrade. If it fails on step 1, you have to rollback the filesystem and run install again
    • Step 2. Database upgrade. If it fails on step 2, you have to rollback the filesystem and database and run install again.
  • Any other steps are not supported and admin commands are not supported for upgrading the database. They will not upgrade the database as the commands are deprecated in Clarity version 13+ and do not properly work.
  • If your install fails, you have to follow the steps above, there is nothing else that can be done.
  • Broadcom support cannot review any admin logs as the admin commands for an upgrade, and separate database upgrade is unsupported. Only 'install' command should be used