Asset Information subview attributes not updated in Spectrum SRM for VMware ESX containers


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Changes to the Asset Information subview attributes in OneClick do not get updated in SRM.

This happens only with VMware ESX container models.



SRM depends on contact_Status attribute value of models in SRM as it will not update devices which are not reachable. However these are container models and cannot be polled or pinged so will never get updated, as they appear unreachable based on this attribute.


Spectrum Release : All as of August, 2020.



As a workaround, update ESX container models attribute Dev_contact_status i.e 0x110ed to "1" and the customer asset attributes will get updated.

This will be fixed in the upcoming release via code changes to allow polling these container models irrespective of dev_contact_status value in SRM .