UIM - Missing data in At-A-Glance reports in USM


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Encountering missing data when generating reports from At-A-Glance report in USM
When checked in UMP Performance Reports there is data seen. 


UIM : USM Reports 


This depends on the retention period of the raw data which is set in the data_engine 

When the retention period is set on the data_engine say for 45 days, the USM reports (Trend, At a Glance, and Group Trend) displays data only for 45 days and not for preceding days.
This feature works as designed.

USM reports like Trend, At a Glance, and Group Trend retrieve data from the RN_* Table in the database.

When the retention period is configured on the data_engine for the delete_raw_samples and delete_history_samples values, the RN_* table retrieves data only for the specified days and is used in the mentioned reports

As a result, the USM reports display from the available data based on retention period.