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How to validate an install or upgrade?


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How to check if the Clarity install or upgrade was successful?


Release : All Supported Clarity releases


Once your install/upgrade is successful, please check the following logs:


  • At the end you will see if the BUILD was SUCCESSFUL or FAILED
  • Look for any errors by searching on 'error'
  • For errors on NSQL queries validations, they are normal. You have to review each portlet query and see. If they are custom, you may need to change the NSQL query. If they are PMO, they will be validated as soon as you apply the PMO accelerator


Open this file in browser

Check for any WARNINGS or ERROR. If the upgrade is successful, you can only have WARNINGS here. There will be a message included on each warning to explain how to address it. Those are warnings so they are not blocking, they are recommended for optimal application stability.

Connect to CSA, ensure the Server is available and the Installation is Complete.

This means you have a successful upgrade