"You have scrolled through 5000..." when browsing through Blacklist entries in EDR appliance console


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Endpoint Detection and Response


While browsing through blacklist entries on the Policies> Blacklist tab in the appliance console of Endpoint Detection and Response (SEDR), the UI displays "You have scrolled through 5000..."


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To look up a single blacklist entry rather than browsing through all blacklist entries

  1. In the UI of SEDR, navigate to Search->Entities
  2. Paste the MD5 hash or SHA-256 hash you seek to research, blacklist, whitelist, or Revoke from blacklist
  3. Click the magnifying glass to execute the search
  4. Review the results to understand where these entities appeared in the environment.
  5. Click on one of the File Entity results to open the Entity page for that file
  6. On the Entity page for that file, click one of the following: "Blacklist", "Whitelist", or "Revoke Blacklist", depending on which action you seek to perform