CA View - SARBCH /Change ARCHDATE= to be Honored by ERO table RETPD parameter of new Archival date


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The client wants to add new reports to existing CA View databases and would like a procedure for doing so.

If the ERO table is defined in DRETPD and/or RETPD, does the ERO calculation honor the new ARCHDATE used in the SARBCH utility?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client wants to add reports to existing View databases, and the following is recommended:

. Run the reports through CA Deliver, sending them to the desired View databases.

. Run SARBCH "/CHANGE ID=... GEN=... SEQ=... ARCHDATE=mm/dd/yyyy" transactions against each report added.

. Either before or after the running of /CHANGE ARCHDATE, but before the next STANDARD View backup runs, issue "/PERM ID=... GEN=... SEQ=... DISK" transactions against each report added.

 . At the next View standard backup, the reports will be set to the proper generation, with the proper ERO value applied. 

. Notes:

. . With the above, there can be use of SARINIT EROPRO=NEW (the default).
. . Reports need to be put to the disk layer because /CHANGE ARCHDATE uses BACKUP=OFF.
. . To work, the View databases need to be older than the reports coming in, so that multiple days of reports are not assigned Generation 1.