How to monitor time synchronization in nimsoft?


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I need to monitor the output of the ntpstat command. If the result of the command is unsynchronised for consecutive 3 times, then the alert should be created. Using logmon with command mode and the matching expression is unsynchronised but the alert is coming on first instance.I want the alert on 3 consecutive instances where the output is unsynchronised. Is that possible?


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM LOGMON


This an approach you can take:

Use nas with logmon

1. logmon sends low severity alarm

2. nas pre-processing rule sets the incoming alarm to Invisible.

3. nas AO profile checks for matching alarms with a count of 3 and generates a NEW alarm and CLOSES the original one via LUA script.

You can check the UIM Community for how to close an alarm via LUA script, for example: