vmware probe installation error


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


The following feature couldn't be installed:

.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)



- vmware probe pre-requisites


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - VMWARE

vmware 7.14


Probe Specific Software Requirements for Infrastructure Manager users

The probe requires CA Unified Infrastructure Management 4.08 or later.
Infrastructure Manager requires Microsoft .NET. Use the Microsoft. NET version that is compatible with the version of the probe that you are using.

vmware 6.7x and later
Microsoft .NET framework 3.5-4.X on the Windows system running the Infrastructure Manager GUI.

vmware v6.72 and earlier
Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or later is not supported.

To determine your version, go to the Microsoft documentation and search for "How to: Determine Which .NET Framework Versions Are Installed."

If you must use IM to access the vmware probe for any reason, you need to install that Windows feature - install Microsoft .NET only on the system that runs the Infrastructure Manager GUI.

Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 on the Windows system running the Infrastructure Manager GUI

Otherwise, you can just use the Admin Console which is highly preferred in any case.