How to temporarily disable a SANM Policy in Spectrum.


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CA Spectrum


How to temporarily disable a SANM Policy in Spectrum.


Release : All

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


  • You can associate the AlarmNotifier instance with a policy via CLI or using the Swagger Interface.
  • The original association needs to be destroyed and a new one created, but the model handle values remain static.
  • So you would need 2 separate scripts put together depending on which Policy you want to be assigned.


Name  - ModelHandle

AlarmNotifier - 0x1000309

DefaultPolicy 0x1000308
MAINTENANCE 0x100030a (Disables All Alarms)

Show Associations for AlarmNotifier:

Destroy Association:

Create Association:




Additional Information

Example of filtering used for MAINTENANCE policy:

destroyDestroys Object
Use the destroy command to destroy an object. This command has the following format:
destroy model [-n] mh=model_handle |
destroy association [-n] rel=relation lmh=left_model_handle rmh=right_model_handle|
destroy alarm [-n] aid=alarm_id [lh=landscape_handle]
If the -n (no prompt) option is specified with the destroy command, the system does not prompt for confirmation. This option is useful in CLI scripts.
Unless the -n option is specified, one of the following messages is always displayed:
destroy model: are you sure?
destroy association: are you sure? destroy alarm: are you sure?
Valid responses are y, yes, Y, Yes, n, no, N, and No.

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