Monitor CA Directory Transactions Using APM.


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We would like to monitor CA Directory LDAP (keystore) transactions using APM. Is this possible?


Release : 10.7.0



1) APM monitoring LDAP calls are not provided out of the box . So any of the following solutions are custom and therefore are not supported by support. So opening additional Support cases on this topics will not help. However, here are some options and next steps.

2) Your two customization options are

- Infrastructure or EP Agent. Infrastructure Agent is documented at

Plugins at covered at
- A Custom PBD as part of a Java Agent

Custom PBDs

3) There are some customizations are already available that may or may not work. But are not supported.

- CA Directory Fieldpack . This is your best bet. But not updated in four years. So added no support for APM 10.7 This uses EPAgent and looks well documented

-Custom PBDs for IBM LDAP, Weblogic LDAP, and Netscape LDAP. This is not documented well.

If you do set up a Java Agent on the LDAP server, you can get an autoprobe log, then try uploading to . This may attempt to create a custom pbd that you can use

4) Failing that, you may seek use of Professional Services/SWAT or the APM Community.