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Spectrum Installation is taking a very long time (2+ hours) , log message: cygperl5_26.dll: Loaded to different address


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum Installation is taking a very long time (2 plus hours). Any idea what may cause this? 


Checking the Installation logs and there is a rolling message: 

3 [main] perl 11892 child_info_fork::abort: F:\win32app\Spectrum\NT-Tools\SRE\bin\cygperl5_26.dll: Loaded to different address: parent(0xE80000) != child(0xE10000)


Release : 10.x



Searching online on "cygperl5_26.dll: Loaded to different address" and several forums on the error can be found. 

The most common reason is having Anti-Virus running at the time of install. 

Recommend to verify Anti-Virus is DISABLED and re-do the installation. 

Issue may also be conflict in Cygwin library files within the OS. try /usr/bin/rebaseall -v or cd /usr/bin && ./rebaseall -v

Additional Information

Here are some links for reference:

Spectrum documentation refereincing the application should be excluded from all AV scanning:

To avoid database corruption, exclude installation areas and files from scans by any local or remote instances of antivirus software. Installation areas include OneClick and Report Manager installation areas.