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Decrypted PEM has wrong padding


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After modifying the password on the Unix V2 endpoint, I am getting the below error:

UNIX: Cannot connect to the Endpoint [[email protected]: UNIX: ] because an unexpected error occurred: [Decrypted PEM has wrong padding, did you specify the correct password?]. (ldaps://JCS:20411),


Release : 14.X

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


The error "Decrypted PEM has wrong padding" means that the passwords in the SSHKeychain do not match the new password that was changed on the Linux system. You will need to reach out to your Linux administrator to resolve this. Try to remove all passwords from the keychain titled SSHKeychain.

The error you are experiencing is endpoint related as the endpoint is the one throwing the exception. If you continue having that error thrown then you will need to reach out to your operating system vendor and open a ticket with them.