CSM Apply PTF fails in Get Latest Maintenance


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CA Chorus Software Manager


During CA Chorus Software Manager maintenance of CA CCS 15.0 (under Products called 'CA Common Services for z/OS - MVS'), when selecting new PTFs and start the 'Apply' function, it gets to 'Select Maintenance' step in the wizard, but afterwards fails with message listed below.

The product CA Common Services - MVS at release 15.0 is not available for the following site IDs: xxxxxx, yyyyyy, zzzzzz

 Log in to CA Support Online and verify that the product CA COMMON SERVICES - MVS at release 15.0 is available for download under at least one of the following site IDs: xxxxxx, yyyyyy. zzzzzz

 If the product is available on CA Support Online, run 'Update Complete Product List' from the Products tab to refresh relations between the site IDs and the products.
 If the problem persists, contact CA Support.


CSM is using an old outdated productname for the Get Latest Maintenance.



Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


  • In CSM on the products tab turn off any filtering
  • Find the old productname listed in the error message - CA Common Services - MVS
  • Cleanup&Hide the old outdated productname

Additional Information

Bypass: use the OFFLINE function during the APPLY to skip the Get Latest Maintenance

To determine which productname is current or outdated, check this KB139854

For more details on hide and unhide products see KB000048052