Copy File task - copy folder option only copies files within folder in Deployment Solution 8.5 RU4


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Deployment Solution IT Management Suite


When using a copy file task to copy a folder to a targeted computer, only the files are copied to the destination folder. The Source folder is not created on the destination computer. 


Steps to reproduce

Create a folder with one or more files inside and share the folder

Create a Deployment Solution Copy File task

Choose Copy folder radio button with Source set to Access from UNC location

Enter credentials as needed to access source folder

Enter a destination folder

Run task against a test computer

Note that only files are loaded into the destination folder specified – the source folder selected is not copied. In RU3, this source folder is created in the destination folder along with any files from the source folder.



By design starting with 8.5 RU4 due to conflicts arising from other changes. This task will now copy the specified folder contents only and not the folder itself.


We will change the text in the task to clarify this in the next release.