CA View - SARBCH Utility Getting error SARBCT10


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The customer received the following error when running the SARBCH utility: SARBCT10 Requested sysout not found in master index.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The customer received a SARBCT10 error: "SARBCT10 Requested sysout not found in master index"
from issuing the following SARBCH utility statement: /LIST ID=ABCDEF* EXCP=N

When this statement was issued: /LIST ID=ABCDEF* EXCP=N GEN=-1
there were successful results.

The reason for the error is because there were no occurrences of sysouts with prefix ABCDEF* in the current generation.
There were, though, occurrences of sysouts in the previous generation.

With that, the error could have been generated for the following reasons:

. The job producing the report in question was not run.
. The report did exist in the current generation, but had been deleted.
. There may have been a delay in when the job was run, which was after the View backup was run.