CA APM integration with CA DOI


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We want to integrate with APM with DOI. APM version 10.7 with SP3 and DOI is 1.3.2. As per the APM if the APM is 10.7 with SP3, the DOI connector for APM is installed by default and just we need to configure. Below is the link we found, could you please confirm so that I will go ahead with configuration.

Also could you let us know if I need to do the integration configuration for DOI on the MOM server as in our environment we have MOM and collector server.


Release : 10.7.0



In the link below, it specifies that the Management Modules need to be present on all EM's just not where the other configuration needs to be done.

The metric grouping of the CA APM OI Plugin is pre-configured and provided as a part of the Default Management Module as a jar file, DefaultMM.jar. Ensure that the CA APM OI Metric Regex is configured and available as a part of the Default Management Module (DefaultMM.jar) in all Collectors and Mangers of Managers (MOM) in your environment. Consider that you modify the CA APM DOI Metric Regex. Then, ensure that you manually modify the same details in the Management Modules of all Collectors and MOM in your environment.