SARBCJ62 on SARBCH /PRINTJOB function after upgrade to CA View 14.0


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After upgrading CA View from 12.2 to 14.0, we are attempting to run a SARBCH /PRINTJOB function for JOBNAME=ABCDEFG ; JOBID=JOB11209 and are receiving the following error:

SARBCJ62  Requested Job not found in master index

- We have confirmed that the JOB output does in fact exist in the CA View database we are running the SARBCH /PRINTJOB function against.

- We do not have a JOBMODE parameter specified in our SARINIT parameters. 

- As part of the upgrade process, no SARINIT parameters have been added or changed.



The CA View SARINIT parameter JOBMODE=YES needs to be set in order for the SARBCH /PRINTJOB function to work correctly. 

If, upon collection of JOB output by CA View, JOBMODE is not turned on then the index records necessary for the /PRINTJOB function to work will not be created for that job.

Consequently, the "SARBCJ62  Requested Job not found in master index" error will be received.



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The problem scenario for this particular client was as follows...

A. Under release 12.2 of View, the DEFAULT for JOBMODE processing was YES. And, unless you applied apar RO94022 and specifically ran SARINIT to set JOBMODE=NO, the data that was being collected by CA View would have automatically been creating the necessary "job cross reference" index records necessary for the /PRINTJOB function to work.

B. A change was made to the code between releases 12.2 and 14.0 that resulted in the DEFAULT for JOBMODE processing being set to NO. This change would have been implemented when you VERSIONED the database files up to 14.0.

C. Because of the above code change and VERSIONING the database, and because you specifically don't have a SARINIT JOBMODE=YES parameter set for this database, JOBMODE processing would have been turned off. As a result, the "job cross reference" index records necessary for the /PRINTJOB function to work would not have been created upon job output collection.

D. Because there were no "job cross reference" records being created at the time JOBNAME=ABCDEFG ; JOBID=JOB11209 was collected, you will NOT be able to execute the /PRINTJOB function against this job output without receiving the SARBCJ62 error. Nor would you be able to execute the /PRINTJOB function against ANY Job output that was collected after you versioned up to 14.0.

To resolve the problem of receiving the SARBCJ62 error against FUTURE job output collected under CA View release 14.0, you MUST run SARINIT to set JOBMODE=YES. Only then will CA View start creating the "job cross reference" index records again.

Additional Information

CA View can not retroactively create the JOBMODE related cross reference records for job output that has already been collected with JOBMODE turned off.