CA Easytrieve: Receiving Licensing messages CAS9180E after Common Services Upgrade


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Upgraded to Common Services 15.0 and now receiving the following LMP warning messages:

CAS9180E,- CPU 0483A7 Requires a LMP key to run Prod (U5)
CAS9180E - CPU 0483A7 Requires a LMP key to run Prod (6F)

What is causing this?


CA Easytrieve release 11.6

CA Common Services 15.0



If CA Easytrieve 11.6 is installed with the upgrade to Common Services 15.0,
please ensure that all maintenance for the CA Easytrieve product is installed, especially:

RO42229, RO42230, RO42231, RO34536, RO34537, RO34538

in order to eliminate the CAS9180E messages.

Additional Information

Please Note:
If CA Easytrieve 11.6 product already was installed with the previous release of Common Services, then there is no need to reinstall the CA Easytrieve product.  It is a good practice to always ensure that the product is most current on maintenance.