TDM Portal Publish from .csv file throws “Inconsistent table definitions" Error.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are having problems publishing data from  a CSV file into a SQL Server table when publishing from the TDM Portal.

After publish execution by TDM Portal, the result displays the following error: “Inconsistent table definitions. Please check the log file. ”.

We analyzed the data structure of the CSV file in DataMaker and identified that all fields are loaded as “varchar type”. We then used the option “Publish Data Pool” in the DataPool, within Data Maker, and identified that the field “Comments”, presented the following message “inconsistent table definitions”.

For resolve this in DataMaker, we used the “Include All” option available on the right mouse button, and the Table Name field changed by “checked OK” icon, and the publication in the SQL Server table occurred successfully.

However, in TDM Portal, we did not find the “Include All” option, so we can't successfully load the CSV file in the SQL Server table, using Portal.


  1. Is there “Include All” option in TDM Portal? If so, where is this?
  2. Is there any other possibility to resolve this error, and successfully publish the data using TDM Portal?


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The error indicates that a column, or columns, in the Source Table are a different type than that of the Target Table.

All columns in registered from a CSV file are treated as VARCHAR(2000) in TDM Portal, so that's why the error is thrown. The source type is “varchar" and the target type is "varchar(2000)". 

Currently, TDM Portal still doesn't have all the functionality as DataMaker. Our recommendation is using target tables with compatible column data types, if you would like to use only Portal.

However, as a workaround:

  1. Log into Datamaker
  2. Open Projects > Actions for Registered Objects
  3. Select "Maintain Table"
  4. In the menu, right-click on the registered table
  5. Now you can edit the data types of all columns to match the target column data types
    • Note: this needs to be done only once (unless the file is registered again).
  6. Save the changes

After saving the changes, the publishing from Portal should work without problems.