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CABI Jaspersoft 7.1.1 install/upgrade fail due to unsupported OS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Installation Prerequisites when launched from says "FAIL" for Operating System Supported.

But in fact what /etc/redhat-release says on the server:
[[email protected] /etc]# more redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.8 (Maipo)


In a silent mode, the following messages are generated:

6065 [main] DEBUG  - file path is/ca/installs/../../../../../../ca_install/
6065 [main] ERROR  - file does not exist under ca_install/conf folder
Error messages file path is /ca/installs/../../../../../bundles/
6068 [main] ERROR  - ErrorCode : 16008   ErrorMessage : FILE.NOT.FOUND


The GEN500000000001721.tar.gz with the following md5sum does not install on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 release.

# ls -lar GEN*
-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 2097625171 Jul  7 15:37 GEN500000000001721.tar.gz

# md5sum GEN500000000001721.tar.gz
ec87ee36893d96b4721fb5ae84e429ec  GEN500000000001721.tar.gz


Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - CABI


The issue has been fixed in CABI JasperReports (7.1.1 SP1).

Additional Information

Scripts to start/start the CABI services:

Scripts to start/stop the apache-tomcat service:

URL to open the JasperReports web page:


CABI autostart on reboot is not working