DevTest Enterprise Dashboard - Data is not coming up in Advanced metrics tab.


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


The data is not coming up in Advanced metrics tab of Ent DB.


It has been identified to require a code fix.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Application Test


SE team has provided the patch for this case. Create a NEW support case and refer defect number DE464706 to get the patch.

How to apply:

- Stop all DevTest services in all the machines.

- On the machines where Enterprise Dashboard is to be run, take backup of the existing dradis-10.6.0.jar present in /lib/dradis by moving it to different folder. Do not just rename the jar. Make sure that this jar is deleted from this folder before you apply the patch.

- Place/Replace the dradis-10.6.0.jar with the attached dradis-10.6.0-DE464706.jar .

- Start the Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, all the VSEs, Portal, Coordinator, Simulator, Broker etc.

NOTE: Also, make sure that the registry, VSE, Portal, Simulator, Coordinator and the ED to which these connect are linked the same IAM.