Blueprint Disappears if you click Publish multiple times after one Edit


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An existing project Blueprint is missing / deleted in the New User Experience (UX)

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Click on a Blueprint
  2. Click Edit
  3. Make a change to the Details section
  4. Click Publish
  5. If there is a lag in the Publish completing, click Publish again

Note: It may require multiple attempts to get a lag to happen to be able to click the Publish button more than once, as often the Publish goes through quickly.

Expected Results: Publish completes successfully and user is kept within the Blueprint

Actual Results: After a little bit of time, the application takes the user to the Administration page in the New UX. If you go to the Blueprint list, the Blueprint is no longer there and has been deleted. 

Note: If projects were linked to the Blueprint that was deleted, those projects will automatically show the default blueprint as their Blueprint.


This issue is caused by DE59018


Clarity 15.8.1, 15.9


This issue DE59018 is fixed in 15.9.1


  1. To avoid this issue, don't click the Publish button multiple times after one edit. If you click Publish and there is a lag, wait for the Publish to completely process.
  2. If you do run into this issue, manually recreate the Blueprint and then update any impacted projects to be associated with the new Blueprint.
  3. Action you might want to take if you have experienced a sudden blueprint deletion: 
    • Always keep a copy of the existing blueprints.
    • If a blueprint suddenly disappears, you can then always go back to the copy to get the latest picture of the blueprint that disappeared. (Additionally, if the Blueprint is still available in another environment, you can use that to recreate it)
    • When modifications are done to an existing blueprint, get a copy of the same for a future reference if needed.