Running the reports via rpt_srv is ignoring the Where clause mentioned


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Using rpt_srv command when we run report giving a where clause, the output ignores the given clause. Ex: rpt_srv -p 0 crdtl.rpt "WHERE priority='3'" ignores the priority clause of 3.

Environmental Details:


USRD 17.1 RU9/17.3


Release : 17.3

Component : Svc Desk Reporting


Should include backslah character as below for where clause:

rpt_srv -p 0 crdtl.rpt \"WHERE id='2800'\"

rpt_srv -p 0 crdtl.rpt \"WHERE priority='3'\"

The new rpt_srvr.exe executable utilizes getCommandLineW(), the wide byte character implementation of getCommandLine()(previously used) while reading the command line parameters, to support wide byte characters along with normal characters.

For Windows installations, getCommandLineW() requires double quotes to be escaped with backslash character while being passed in command to be treated correctly.