Dev test is using both external JDK and embedded JRE1.8


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We followed the document and added environment variables to point java to 1.8_251 and devtest is still referring to embedded java.  IAM is not starting when you rename the Devtest/jre folder. 

please advise how to point dev test completely to external JDK.?



Make sure the version of  external JDK you are using  is 64 bit version.


Release : 10.4

Component : CA Service Virtualization


This is how you can use external JDK for DevTest

The following priority is used to select what Java VM to use when starting DevTest Workstation:
The DevTest Workstation-installed JRE in the LISA_HOME\jre directory
LISA_JAVA_HOME environment variable
JAVA_HOME environment variable
JDK_HOME environment variable
Follow these steps:
Rename the LISA_HOME\jre directory (for example, rename jre to jre_default).
Point the LISA_JAVA_HOME environment variable to your Java installation directory.


Note** Install 64 bit Java.