How to move Event policies from one SOI manager to another


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


How can we move Event Policies from one SOI server to another SOI server and make them work?


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


- First make a list of the connector's where each of the polices are deployed to

- Copy the .policy files from the following location from your Regional SOI manager machine CA\SOI\resources\EventManagement\Policies and paste them to the same location on your Master SOI manager.

Note: If your SOI is in cluster then same above folder will be in shared drive and you need to copy the files here.

- Open Event Management gui

- The policies will show up under "Deployed polices"

- Now you have to deploy each of the policies to their respective connector.

Note: The policies that are already deployed will show a plus sign next to it, if you expand the plus sign you'll see the connector it is deployed to

- Select one policy you have copied under "Deployed polices" (make sure there is no plus sign next to it)

- On the Event Search window click on the "Edit Policy" button to edit it and it'll open the "Create Event Window"

- Click next on the "Create Event Window" until you reach at "Select Data Source" window.

- From "Select Data Source" window select the connector you want the policy to deploy to from "Available Data Source" to "Selected Data Source" window.

Note: Keep in mind the data source is the connector where you want this policy to run.

- Make sure "Save and Deploy policy: button is selected.

- Click Next and then Finish.

- Now if you look at the same policy under "Deployed polices" you'll notices a plus sign next to it. If you expand it you'll see the connector it is deployed to.