How to monitor the port/interface status


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CA Spectrum


How to monitor the port/interface status

This article provides the steps to monitor all ports by enabling the PollPortStatus attribute to Yes on each port/interface model.

First, a Global Collection is created to search for all ports models. This Global Collection is updated every 2 hours. You can choose a different time interval if needed.

PollPortStatus attribute can be enabled to Yes in a bulk through the Attribute Editor.

Create a Policy Manager rule to enforce the PollPortStatus attribute to Yes.

We do not recommend enabling PollPortStatus on all ports if you have a huge number of ports, due it will impact the SpectroSERVER performance.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


A - How to create a Global Collection to search for all ports

1. Right-click on the "Global Collection" item

2. And select "Create Global Collection..." item

3. In the Name field type: All Ports

4. Click on "Search Options..." button to create a custom search as follow:

Search for Model Class Equal to Port.

5. The "All Ports" Global Collection will be created.

6. Right-click the "All Ports" item and select "Update Global Collection Now" if you want to update Global Collection content.


B - How to change the PollPortStatus attribute in a bulk through Attribute Editor

1. On the Explorer TAB, click on "All Ports" item. Then in Contents panel ensure "All Ports" is displayed.

Click on the List TAB to display all ports/interfaces.

Press <Ctrl> + <A> to select all ports from the List TAB.

Right-click and select Utilities àAttribute Editor...

2. In the Attribute Editor window, expand the "Fault Management" folder, select the Poll Port Status (Port) a click on the arrow button.

3. Uncheck the "No Change" checkbox, select the Yes checkbox, and click on Apply button.

4. Click on Close button to confirm the changes. Click on Undo button if you want to roll them back.


C - Create a policy to enforce the PollPortStatus attribute to Yes through Policy Manager 

1. In the Explorer TAB, select the "Policy Manager" item.

In the Contents panel, click on List TAB.

Click on the button to display a dialog for creating a new policy.

2. Supply the Policy Name and click on the button to display a dialog for creating a new rule to add the policy.

3. Supply the Rule Name and click on the Browse button to select the Global Collection(s).

4. Select the "All Ports" GC and move to the left-hand side window.

5. Click on the button to display a dialog for selecting predefined settings.

6. Select the PollUnconnectedPorts from the Templates and click on OK button

7. Click on OK button.

8. Click on the "Enable Policy on Creation" checkbox and click on OK button.

9. The "Enable PollPortStatus Policy" was created and enabled.


Note that you are no longer be able to manually change the PollPortStatus attribute, because the Policy Manager enforces the value to Yes.

If a port was already down prior enabling the PollPortStatus attribute, the alarm will be suppressed.

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