Cisco WAN MAN circuit connections not being created in Spectrum


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We have a Cisco WAN MAN circuit with 15 clients on the circuit. I ran a  discovery with the IP range of the WAN MAN and devices showed in the discovery but in the topology view there are no connections created.  I can see in the CDP tables the connections are configured correctly - why isn't Spectrum creating the connections?


Spectrum does not support the WAN/MAN configuration.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


A workaround is to manually create a SharedMediaLink model and manually create the connections to the interfaces.

In OneClick Topology, select the New Model By Type icon. 

Click on All Model Types and filter for SharedMediaLink

Name it and create it.

Once the SharedMediaLink model is in the topology (or List) view, right click and select "Start Connection"

Navigate to the device models, open the Interfaces tab, right click the interface it's connected to and select "Connect with XXXX"

Do this for each of the connections that make up the WAN/MAN circuit.


Additional Information

Certification request US687924 has been created to have Spectrum support the MAN CDP links in the future.