VANTAGE System script: DSKIBMCC-excessive tape allocation.


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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager CA Graphical Management Interface


When the DSKIBMCC script is executed,4 tapes are mounted each time and not 2 tapes as it is expected. Is this behavior accepted or have some bug in the CA Vantage sysparms coding ?

X16557 61MiB - CL0
X41503 31 MiB - Cl0
X41492 61MiB - Cl1
X16570 31MiB - CL1


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


 The creator of the VISIVTHH object is called internally as part of data collection for the VISIVTCC object.This is due to the fact that VISIVTCC needs some data obtained in VISIVTHH to work.

The creator of the VISIVTHH object works similarly to the creator of the VISIVTCC object, it obtains data using BVIR.

So, the first two tapes are mounted for the VISIVTHH creator, and only the other two tapes are used in the data collection itself for the VISIVTCC object. This is why the log shows the mounting of 4 tapes instead of the expected 2, so this behavior is correct.