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What happens if the LDS connection is down and ACF2 updates occur on that LPAR?   Are the updates queued up somehow and applied when the connection is resumed?   What is the purpose of the recovery file? 



Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


LDS uses the recovery file to store LDS request data for each defined LDAP server in the network. If an LDAP server fails to communicate with LDS due to the LDAP server being down, exceeding the configured time-out or a busy condition, LDS requests are saved in the recovery file for later transmission. As transaction data from the recovery file is processed when the LDAP server is available, the data is removed from the recovery file and written to the LDS journal file if LDS JOURNAL is active.

The LDS recovery file does not wrap to the top of the file and overlay older data. When the recovery file becomes full, transaction data can no longer be saved on the recovery file.

The LDS OPTIONS Record defines whether the LDS recovery processing will be used on the LPAR as well as the dataset name for the LDS recorvery file. The following are the LDS OPTIONS record fields related to the LDS recovery file.

LDSRCVR(recovery file data set name)
Specifies the name of the file used by the LDS recovery process at LDS initialization. It is a 44 byte character data set name. The LDS recovery file is created, initialized, and cataloged prior to starting the LDS recovery processing. Sites may use the supplied INITLDSR job in the CAX1JCL0 library to create the LDS recovery file.

A different ACFRCVR data set should be specified for each system (LPAR) which will run LDS. The recovery file CANNOT be shared between concurrently active systems.

Specifies that LDS recovery processing will be enabled at LDS initialization. LDSRCVR must also be specifies for recover to be enabled. The default is RECOVERY.

Additional Information

Details on the LDS recovery file and LDS OPTIONS record can be found in section: "LDAP Directory Services" of the ACF2 documentation.