The project % complete figure has not been recalculated after the Post Timesheet job runs, why?


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The % Complete calculation method of my project is set to Effort.

I have posted some actuals against a given project and the project % complete figure has not been recalculated. Why?


This was analyzed by Engineering through CLRT-62609


Any Clarity PPM release


When editing tasks in Clarity, changes to data that affects % Complete (start/finish/ETC/posting), the % Complete field will not be updated in real-time.

Changed data will set a flag behind the scenes that indicates that % Complete for that task and project needs to be re-calculated.

The data will be refreshed automatically when the Update % Complete background job runs at the next scheduled frequency

The projects that are run through the Update % Complete job are those that have "dirty" tasks, i.e., those tasks that have the IS_PCT_DIRTY column set to 1 in the project.

By editing another task, it sets that tasks IS_PCT_DIRTY flag again and the project will be picked up the next time the Update % Complete job is run.

The post timesheet job will update the flag at task level, but will not run the % Complete job automatically. When the job is run will process those records though.

The reason some of these operations are 'delayed' is for performance. If we started cascading updates on these types of operations, overall performance would suffer.